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God, you are Selfish!

God now we know we inherit selfishness from you.
You saved your temple, but devastated others’.
You never paid loan or rent or cost of property ownership . Others paid for it.
You never paid hefty charges for Pushpak Vimaan from Lanka.
Others paid hefty charges for private helicopters.
If its true that you are staying in all the hearts as “Atma”, don’t you think this was suicidal?
Coming there and preying for Moksha does not mean, you do it immediately.
Your worshipers wanted you to see them with your two eyes open, not with your third eye open.
Its time for you also to rhyme now,
            ohm shanti, shanti, shanti!



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New Lessons

I believe that a man is a learner throughout his life time. He learns something new, every moment.

Problem is only one. Life teaches him new lessons every time. No revision of old chapters.

Tests are always surprise and may not be from what he learnt.

He clears, may not necessarily mean he succeeded and vice-versa. The most important is appearance in it and how one faces it.

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When I was seeing binding of books at production today, I realized that there is a similarity between Book and Life.

Book and Life both teach us a lot, one through an author’s wisdom, experiences or knowledge shared and second through own experiences, wisdom and knowledge gained through living and from surroundings. 

A Book is worthy if its glue sticks all pages with similar strength of binding, resulting in interesting and complete story. If a few pages are missing in a book, one does not enjoy complete story.

Similarly, Life is more enjoyable and worth if glue of love, compassion and understanding binds all, who are in our life – be it friends, relatives or peers. Success story of life depends on how many bonds you strengthened or formed.

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