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Ban Ka desh

Am seeing activism since last 2 days in Indian media on bans and restrictions by government on individual freedom. It is Government’s responsibility to impose a ban if something is not correct or fair. Otherwise a diverse country of millions of people with different views will become a herd of animals not in control.

Indian Press and some of the people believe that they have got infinite freedom. One has to understand that freedom is finite and we have to follow some rules or codes of conduct. We cannot be doing anything that we like as individuals but is not good for the society.

Our genesis stems into the cohesiveness and togetherness, giving priority to collective goals than individual goals, which is opposite to western culture. In democracy, one has to understand that his/her freedom ends where other’s freedom starts.

We need to be mature and understand that Indian culture and democracy is unique and distinct and we should not blindly ask for individualism. Instead be more accomodative and give space to others also and do not ask empty space for you alone in this crowded country.

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Damn’o’cracy – The outcome of diminishing value system

23 year old girl gang raped and thrown out of a bus, struggled for life, died.   Shocking, heinous, brutal… dictionary is not sufficient, words can’t describe.

This time at least protests started.  Government started acting against protesters, rather than showing any sign of sensitivity towards women’s fundamental right. While protesters started pelting stones, officials started pelting accusations on one another. Media started sensationalizing.

An ugly scenario of damnocracy we are leaving in.

A Democracy is where people rule, they elect representatives who make rules and govern country so that people can leave peacefully with freedom and their fundamental rights are protected. They are sensitive towards others’ freedom. But one’s freedom is finite.

A damnocracy is where people feel they have infinite freedom, they are free to do whatever they want with no sensitivity towards others.

A detest scenario in which one group feels free to assault a girl sexually, physically and psychologically, the second group of people feel free to protest violently killing a policeman, third group of people – media feel free to sensationalize, the fourth group – police feel free to justify as efficient by showing swift actions taken after the crime happened and not answering why should this happen. Most importantly fifth group of people – elected representatives and policy makers, feel free to remain insensitive, immune or feeling themselves as slaves of their own polity and policy.

We are not mature democracy, we are anarchy.  Government will pass the bill for quota in promotion on govt jobs manipulating support votes in both houses but will just condemn rapes during same discussion and would not amend age-old laws because it is last day of parliament and they are in hurry to woo their minority vote banks.

The question is who should be held responsible.  It requires introspection as we have elected government, all the groups are part of our society.  You can’t throw any of them out and have to prevent this type of sores on the soul of democracy.

They reflect our diminishing value system.

Value system in public life is direct upshot of value system that the masses revere. Ethics and values that we inherited is no more.

If our values have gone down, how can we expect media or government to be more responsible. People commit crimes like rape or murder because they feel that they will be freed later paying bribes or taking advantage of sluggish and faulty judiciary system we have accepted.

We are either majority or minority, Upper Caste or SC/ST, middle class or poor and so on …but not right humans.


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