Rising Intolerance

Many writers and filmmakers have returned awards given by the governments to them giving reason that they are protesting against rising intolerance. i feel that taking this stand itself is an act of intolerance.

Tolerance is ” the capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.” In simple words, tolerance is you are tolerating something. The act of returning awards as a protest simply means you are not tolerating acts of other group of people.

Protest is the right of an individual in a democracy. But awards conferred by all the governments were given on behalf of the nation. To protest the political ideology of one group backing present government, how can they return the award given by the nation.

When writers or filmmakers receive awards, they take pride for receiving the award and recognition they get for contribution to the nation, its art and literature, not for their contribution to any particular government. If they feel that they want to protest against something, they should use their art to spread the message.

Being recipient of national awards, it is obvious that they are exceptionally well in art, films or writing and thus good in influencing people by expressing powerful messages. in fact, if one revisits history than he would find that artists and writers had played an important role in all the revolutions across the world through their art or writings.

Not able to express their point of view through their art, film or writing itself raises questions about their eligibility for these awards.

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