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Black – a shadow to white

Like earlier Government, Narendra Modi Government also refused to disclose the information on Black Money.

While it is contradictory to his earlier stand and announcements during elections, fact remains that black always remains a shadow to white (cloths?).

Following are my assumptions, rather a sarcastic view on what could be their thinking behind such a decision;

  • Some officials in the revenue Ministry are still not ready to believe that this “Black Money” is Indian. They believe that they are printing “Colourful” Currency notes, how it became black.
  •  They believe that identifying “Black” and “White” is racism, be it for a human or money. Their “Value” don’t allow to be distinguished as black.
  •  Someone in political backstab(=backstage) argued that “Indian Money has never left India as Swiss agents take Dollars or Euro through havala exchange. For them Indian currency is not useful as they can’t use in their economy. So, why should we be bothered for the dollars, pounds or Euros being deposited there when our money is within our system?  – Hmmm… Seems to be a convincing logic!!”
  •  Like we consider FDI as a boost to economy, some other countries consider this money as FDI for their banking system. How can you demotivate Indian entrepreneurs to become global investors and destabilise other economies being a responsible government?
  • Do you feel that Indian Government has lost taxes on this revenue earned?  This seems to be an argument from someone again from backstage (!) that these tax losses are similar to “Tax Holidays” given to the corporates. What is in the name? Be it “Tax Holidays” or Tax Holes”.
  • “Swachh Bharat” mean clean India. While government is putting thrust on cleaning India, how can one make it dirtier by announcing names, allegations and counter-allegations? Eminent personalities also need to turn out clean.  Isn’t it?
  • The Last but not the least. Indian Government believes in commitments and high moral values. How can it breach trust of the foreign banks whom they promised to keep identities secret so that banks can keep their promises made to their customers. Ultimately the trust of foreign government and banks is more important than the trust Indian voters have put on the government.
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