Acts without a connect

There was a king.

His name was Maun Mohan.

People used to misunderstand him as caretaker king, as he was assigned this responsibility by Rajmata (widow of earlier king) because he was trusted advisor of the royals in earlier role.

He believed that silence speaks louder than words and was a peace lover. It was different thing that, all his officials were either deaf, unable to listen to his silent speech or too noisy to let it be heard.

He was a visionary and all his policies and strategies were farsighted. Irony was that, due to his farsightedness he was not able to focus on nearsighted issues or people.

He was an intellectual, analyst and thinker. Irony was that, by the time his analysis and deep thinking was over and conclusion was made, the situation changed every time demanding fresh thinking and analysis.

As an individual, he was honest with high level of integrity. Ironically he had to honestly confess that he could not prevent dishonesty by his ministers.

He was a great economist and other kings used to consult him to overcome economic crisis. Irony was that his own finance ministers and economists never asked him.

In earlier capacity as a public servant, he was heading royal mint and bank and knew all the dynamics of weak economy like fake currencies and drivers creating inflation. Ironically he could not control the issue of fake currency or the inflation as a king.

As he was a king, entire government was reporting to him. Ironically he could not force his officials to process files of killers of his old boss and earlier king to whom he was loyal. As a result the court decided to reduce death sentence of killers to life term citing inefficiency to process files of mercy plea.

At last he decided to speak. It was different thing that it was the last day of his Royal Council as elections were due for new head of the council.

Moral of the story: Our world is like a stage. Here the best of the thoughts or actions if not communicated well and in timely manner always fail.


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