Rising Intolerance

Many writers and filmmakers have returned awards given by the governments to them giving reason that they are protesting against rising intolerance. i feel that taking this stand itself is an act of intolerance.

Tolerance is ” the capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.” In simple words, tolerance is you are tolerating something. The act of returning awards as a protest simply means you are not tolerating acts of other group of people.

Protest is the right of an individual in a democracy. But awards conferred by all the governments were given on behalf of the nation. To protest the political ideology of one group backing present government, how can they return the award given by the nation.

When writers or filmmakers receive awards, they take pride for receiving the award and recognition they get for contribution to the nation, its art and literature, not for their contribution to any particular government. If they feel that they want to protest against something, they should use their art to spread the message.

Being recipient of national awards, it is obvious that they are exceptionally well in art, films or writing and thus good in influencing people by expressing powerful messages. in fact, if one revisits history than he would find that artists and writers had played an important role in all the revolutions across the world through their art or writings.

Not able to express their point of view through their art, film or writing itself raises questions about their eligibility for these awards.

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Ban Ka desh

Am seeing activism since last 2 days in Indian media on bans and restrictions by government on individual freedom. It is Government’s responsibility to impose a ban if something is not correct or fair. Otherwise a diverse country of millions of people with different views will become a herd of animals not in control.

Indian Press and some of the people believe that they have got infinite freedom. One has to understand that freedom is finite and we have to follow some rules or codes of conduct. We cannot be doing anything that we like as individuals but is not good for the society.

Our genesis stems into the cohesiveness and togetherness, giving priority to collective goals than individual goals, which is opposite to western culture. In democracy, one has to understand that his/her freedom ends where other’s freedom starts.

We need to be mature and understand that Indian culture and democracy is unique and distinct and we should not blindly ask for individualism. Instead be more accomodative and give space to others also and do not ask empty space for you alone in this crowded country.

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Medicine and Human Life

If a person does not consume medicine,still he may live longer and does not expire.

However if a medicine has not been consumed, it gets expired soon.

In fact, the medicine that saves a person from expiring, has shorter expiry life than a human being.

Black – a shadow to white

Like earlier Government, Narendra Modi Government also refused to disclose the information on Black Money.

While it is contradictory to his earlier stand and announcements during elections, fact remains that black always remains a shadow to white (cloths?).

Following are my assumptions, rather a sarcastic view on what could be their thinking behind such a decision;

  • Some officials in the revenue Ministry are still not ready to believe that this “Black Money” is Indian. They believe that they are printing “Colourful” Currency notes, how it became black.
  •  They believe that identifying “Black” and “White” is racism, be it for a human or money. Their “Value” don’t allow to be distinguished as black.
  •  Someone in political backstab(=backstage) argued that “Indian Money has never left India as Swiss agents take Dollars or Euro through havala exchange. For them Indian currency is not useful as they can’t use in their economy. So, why should we be bothered for the dollars, pounds or Euros being deposited there when our money is within our system?  – Hmmm… Seems to be a convincing logic!!”
  •  Like we consider FDI as a boost to economy, some other countries consider this money as FDI for their banking system. How can you demotivate Indian entrepreneurs to become global investors and destabilise other economies being a responsible government?
  • Do you feel that Indian Government has lost taxes on this revenue earned?  This seems to be an argument from someone again from backstage (!) that these tax losses are similar to “Tax Holidays” given to the corporates. What is in the name? Be it “Tax Holidays” or Tax Holes”.
  • “Swachh Bharat” mean clean India. While government is putting thrust on cleaning India, how can one make it dirtier by announcing names, allegations and counter-allegations? Eminent personalities also need to turn out clean.  Isn’t it?
  • The Last but not the least. Indian Government believes in commitments and high moral values. How can it breach trust of the foreign banks whom they promised to keep identities secret so that banks can keep their promises made to their customers. Ultimately the trust of foreign government and banks is more important than the trust Indian voters have put on the government.
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Change Your Trousers

Political leaders are like trousers.  You have to replace them after some period of time.

Problem is that no one is perfect – they are like unstandardised pants. 

Some are very tight.  If you fit yourself in it with an effort, chances are that soon  you will listen a sound of tearing it off from back, not only embarrassing you but forcing you to find an alternate one immediately.

Some are loose from waist and tight from thigh.  On the one hand, your waist does not hold it without the help of a belt, on the other hand your thigh does not allow it to be removed soon.

And third type are too short or small to wear. 

But we have to choose the new one as we cannot leave without it or reuse the old one by removing the dirt.

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Acts without a connect

There was a king.

His name was Maun Mohan.

People used to misunderstand him as caretaker king, as he was assigned this responsibility by Rajmata (widow of earlier king) because he was trusted advisor of the royals in earlier role.

He believed that silence speaks louder than words and was a peace lover. It was different thing that, all his officials were either deaf, unable to listen to his silent speech or too noisy to let it be heard.

He was a visionary and all his policies and strategies were farsighted. Irony was that, due to his farsightedness he was not able to focus on nearsighted issues or people.

He was an intellectual, analyst and thinker. Irony was that, by the time his analysis and deep thinking was over and conclusion was made, the situation changed every time demanding fresh thinking and analysis.

As an individual, he was honest with high level of integrity. Ironically he had to honestly confess that he could not prevent dishonesty by his ministers.

He was a great economist and other kings used to consult him to overcome economic crisis. Irony was that his own finance ministers and economists never asked him.

In earlier capacity as a public servant, he was heading royal mint and bank and knew all the dynamics of weak economy like fake currencies and drivers creating inflation. Ironically he could not control the issue of fake currency or the inflation as a king.

As he was a king, entire government was reporting to him. Ironically he could not force his officials to process files of killers of his old boss and earlier king to whom he was loyal. As a result the court decided to reduce death sentence of killers to life term citing inefficiency to process files of mercy plea.

At last he decided to speak. It was different thing that it was the last day of his Royal Council as elections were due for new head of the council.

Moral of the story: Our world is like a stage. Here the best of the thoughts or actions if not communicated well and in timely manner always fail.

God, you are Selfish!

God now we know we inherit selfishness from you.
You saved your temple, but devastated others’.
You never paid loan or rent or cost of property ownership . Others paid for it.
You never paid hefty charges for Pushpak Vimaan from Lanka.
Others paid hefty charges for private helicopters.
If its true that you are staying in all the hearts as “Atma”, don’t you think this was suicidal?
Coming there and preying for Moksha does not mean, you do it immediately.
Your worshipers wanted you to see them with your two eyes open, not with your third eye open.
Its time for you also to rhyme now,
            ohm shanti, shanti, shanti!



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New Lessons

I believe that a man is a learner throughout his life time. He learns something new, every moment.

Problem is only one. Life teaches him new lessons every time. No revision of old chapters.

Tests are always surprise and may not be from what he learnt.

He clears, may not necessarily mean he succeeded and vice-versa. The most important is appearance in it and how one faces it.

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When I was seeing binding of books at production today, I realized that there is a similarity between Book and Life.

Book and Life both teach us a lot, one through an author’s wisdom, experiences or knowledge shared and second through own experiences, wisdom and knowledge gained through living and from surroundings. 

A Book is worthy if its glue sticks all pages with similar strength of binding, resulting in interesting and complete story. If a few pages are missing in a book, one does not enjoy complete story.

Similarly, Life is more enjoyable and worth if glue of love, compassion and understanding binds all, who are in our life – be it friends, relatives or peers. Success story of life depends on how many bonds you strengthened or formed.

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Kandhar and Italian Marine Issues: Similarity and Difference

Recent issue of Italian Marines not returning India has reminded me of the Kandhar plane hijack. While terrorism and diplomacy are 2 opposite approaches, I found similarity between the two.

Terrorism Route: To make imprisoned people in Indian prison free, one hijacks a plane. Takes it to third country(Kandhar – Afghanistan). Forces Government of India to release terrorists imprisoned by it. But they can’t claim immunity anywhere except Pakistan.

Diplomacy Route: To make imprisoned people in Indian prison free, one guaranties Supreme Court of India that 2 marines imprisoned in India will be brought back after they cast vote. Than they are not returned. The diplomat giving guaranty claims diplomatic immunity.

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